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Some people need this. #9gag

one step at a time.


"And a mistake repeated more than once is a decision."

- Paulo Coelho  (via seulray)


"I get it, I get it… what about a SIDE-hug, though??"
If you’re wondering by the way, I don’t really believe in the introvert/extrovert thing. Its just labels and as soon as you label yourself, you limit yourself :)
Just accept that we’re all complicated little snowflakes who have lots of little preferences when it comes to everything and have a good day, hooray!!

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Fuck it

"The only thing I’ve loved is nothing at all. The only thing I’ve desired is what I couldn’t even imagine. All I asked of life is that it go on by without my feeling it. All I demanded of love is that it never stop being a distant dream."

- Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet (via hellanne)